Maritime Union backs teachers stance on national standards

The Maritime Union of New Zealand is backing teachers demanding the new national standards for schools experiment be trialled.

Maritime Union General Secretary Joe Fleetwood says maritime workers were at Parliament today to support a NZEI organized rally.

“I was impressed with the attitude and knowledge of the teachers and parents there and their concern for the future of the New Zealand education system.”

He says the Maritime Union is especially concerned about the effect of the national standards on working class children and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“One more effective way the Government could help school children’s achievement is by putting more resources into education, but they seem more interested in tax cuts for multi millionaires.”

Mr Fleetwood says it seems the National Government is trying to save face over a flawed policy rather than improve the education system.

“Obviously there is widespread concern from teachers and principals, parents and education experts, who are the people who educate and care for children every day, so the Government could just trial the system to see whether national standards actually work.”

Mr Fleetwood says it appears the Government is not listening to the real experts – teachers and parents.

“A Government which does not listen to the workers at the coalface is a Government that has lost touch. It didn’t take this National Government long to lose touch.”


For more information contact Maritime Union General Secretary Joe Fleetwood on 021364649

2 thoughts on “Maritime Union backs teachers stance on national standards

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  • April 11, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    Thanks for your support, I was there as an NZEI Field Officer and it was amazing to see another union backing us, it meant a lot!

    If your members are keen to get involved more please go to the campaign site – where you can see the latest media, download our petitions asking for a trial of the National Standards and more.

    Thanks again for your action alongside us!


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